Friday, January 23, 2009

Still here...

It's been awhile since my last post. I have been around, but just haven't gotten around to posting. The past year has been a hectic one around our home. My job keeps me away from home for several months a year. I work in the insurance industry and I work in the catastrophe division of a very large insurance company. Anytime a natural disaster hits, we basically go in and handle the resulting large volume of claims. Our normal work week is 6 days X 12 hours/day. On the flipside, when I am not deployed to a storm site, I do not have to report to an office and I can work remotely via laptop and cell phone. So, this gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my wife and two boys.

Anyway, this past year was an extremely busy year for us. We had a record hail and tornado season, and then we all know about Hurricane Ike hitting the Houston/Galveston area. All this activity translated into me working an above average number of days and being away from the family a lot. My beautiful wife is probably the strongest and most understanding person I know, she balances 2 wild and crazy boys, one is 2 years old, the other is 11 months. She also manages to juggle a full course load of college classes (and get a 4.0 gpa) and a part time job. So, when I get home, I try to give her as much help as possible while getting some R&R myself.

Of course, I also try to get out on the Harley as much as I can as well. It has been 70 - 80 degrees here the last several days. I actually got to go riding in short sleeves yesterday. However it's back to 30's and 40's tomorrow. I also got to do a minor modification to the bike this week.

I removed the cheap looking plastic mudguard and replaced it with a polished stainless steel panel that really opens up the rear wheel area of the bike. See pics below:

It's nothing complicated, but did give me the opportunity to turn a wrench and add some more shiny stuff to the Fatty.
So, the reason my posts have been few, is because I am soaking up as much "family time" as possible. Soon the phone will ring and the road will beckon and back to work I'll go. God has blessed my family abundantly. Although, I am away from home a lot, I am thankful for my job and even more thankful for my family.


KT Did said...

I always say "love of life". Its good you recognize that and enjoy it so much with your family and the ride. Your bike is nice and shiny too! Lots o' shine--nice!

Willy D said...

Cherish the time your kids are young. Believe me, they get big and want to do stuff without “Dad” really, really fast.

I like the open look. But why is there no dirt on your bike? Your making my bikes look bad :)

B.B. said...

Glad to see you're still around. Your wife sounds like an angel, and it's obvious you see and appreciate that! Enjoy your time with your family before that job beckons again!

TRT said...

Don't feel bad about my bike not having any dirt on it, I had just washed it.

My kids are already growing faster than I can keep up with. My oldest is saying stuff everyday that amazes me. I am thankful for every minute with them.

fasthair said...

Mr. TRT: Yup before you know it they will be telling you that you don't know anything. Then they get a bit older and notice that why yes, the ol' man does know a thing or two. Of course this all happens over night so enjoy why you can.

I was trying to figure why you were so excited about a mount for your inspection sticker. Then it hit me it was the mud/rain guard in front of the back tire that you were talking about. Looks good, I like, gives me something to think about. I've would have to have mine powder coated black of course.