Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Break From The Heat...

Summer time is the best time of year if your a biker. The days are longer, sunnier, and, if you live in Texas, just plain HOTTER (not sure if that's a word). I don't mean to be a buzz kill, but Summer is pretty much my least favorite time of year to ride my bike. I guess the one week a year it gets below 30 is probably worse, but that's just a week.

Anyway, I know you folks up north love the Summer and try to put on as many miles as you can before the white stuff starts to fall. Then it's time for Stabil and the battery tender, and driving the cage to work. Not so here in the Great State. I love the fall weather, and would rather bundle up than get sunburned, so I am looking to the coming months with much anticipation. The days when my air cooled twin cam won't roast my legs and I can actually put on a pair of jeans without having sweat rings in all the wrong places.

I know for a lot of folks, riding season is winding down...but for me, it's just about to begin. Bring on the Winter!!!

Ride Safe, see ya down the road!