Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Ride Of Spring

I had the opportunity to get out this weekend and ride my bike for the first time in six weeks. As I have recently discovered, Mr. Motorcycle and I share the same occupation. I work in the insurance industry specializing in catastrophe work. I mention this because my work schedule is what has kept me off the two wheeler for such a long stretch. I got to spend a good chunk of the last several weeks bouncing around a few states for my job.

However, Saturday I got to ride over to a buddy's place and we put the bikes up on the lift and did a full service. We got all the fluids changed, new filter, checked primary chain adjustment, belt tension, greased the steering head bearings, etc., etc. Today, I pulled her out and gave her a good wash and will get her nice and polished up this weekend.

The fatty is officially ready for riding season. Now I get to park her again and head to Austin to work a hail storm. Oh well, at least I got the first ride of spring in, and I may just get the second in before I leave.

Mr. Motorcycle, good luck in Fargo.
Fasthair, I took your advice and changed the background to color in my signature photo. I like it better that way.